You pay them so they can lie to you.

Barrhead Boy

Late last month the BBC implemented their new initiative to fund journalists for failing newspapers throughout the land.

It coincides with them raising the Licence Fee by £3.50 per household in UK.

When I say the BBC are funding this I, of course meant you, the licence fee payer is funding this.

They will spend around £8 million pa of your money so that not only can the BBC project British State propaganda into your living room 24×7 the right wing press can continue the usual stories of SNP Bad, Independence not normal, Britannia brilliant, eat your cereal and get up the back of the bus and shut up.

You really do have to doff your cap to the effrontery of the Unionist propaganda.

They actually increase the state propaganda and get the mugs like you to pay for it, meanwhile the British ruling elite continue to rape and…

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It’s been a while…

My apologies for not updating regularly but I’ve been incredibly busy at this end and just couldn’t find the time….so, time for a re-cap and an update.

Our three-month trial period came to an end this week-end and after a great start with approx 15,000 viewers per week,we landed with just 1500 viewers,  per week , by the end of the trial period.

What exactly happened to the figs, we’re not yet too sure but we know one thing,  We appear to have expanded content far too quickly.We very soon had five channels and viewing numbers fell like a stone.

One thing that has surprised us that we had more viewers from outside of Scotland’s borders than from inside.This has given us food for thought.

Another thing that really surprised us was the interest in the SCOTS GOVT channel.Viewing figs are very healthy,after a short trial and we have decided to keep this channel going.We have also decided to drop the politics/news channels for now and concentrate on one channel that promotes Scotland in HD and 4K quality.

We’re now going to attempt another 3 month trial…..wish us luck

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welcome to TSTV



Fluffy, the poor man’s Einstein

Barrhead Boy

A big thanks to everybody that tuned into last nights inaugural Podcast on

I would also like to thank all of you who took the time to send us your feedback it truly does help us improve the output.

For anyone that missed it, here is a link should you want to listen now.

Yesterday I tuned in for a little while to watch the debate at Westminster on Independence Ref2 it once again struck me that we are so lucky to have our SNP MPs.

They conduct themselves with such dignity, and good grace in the face ignorance and crass behaviour, especially from those braying buffoons on the Tory benches.

I was only watching them from afar yet I found it difficult to hold my temper.

I had to switch off the TV after a very short while it was just upsetting me too much.

It is…

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